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29 September 2015

Bespoke crating and case making for the art world – made to order - close to central London!

Hedley’s Fine Art is one of the only central London based logistics providers to offer on-site bespoke case and crate making facilities within 15 minutes of Mayfair.  As well as many different forms of protection and packing options, we provide many crating choices to fit your requirements.  These range from our standard ‘bronze’ service for short hauls to a full museum standard ‘diamond service’ for those more fragile and valuable objects. As a result of this wide offer, we often find however that galleries and collectors ask us to crate to order.

Professional wrapping & crating for local or global transport is one of the most vital processes in the handling of art.  As more and more art gets shipped around the world for trade fairs you need to ensure that you select an art handler that has both the expertise to advice on how to treat an object and also the integrity to specify only what you require, so that the packing is both appropriate and efficient for the purpose. It is literally a matter of ‘horses for courses’.

Packing and crating is an art in itself and here on our website you can view a range of options for both crates and other types of packing.  Please get in touch to learn more.


For our handy info sheet please call us or follow the link below:

We also offering a multitude of choices for art furniture and cases.


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