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19 May 2015

Bonded Warehousing from Hedley's

Approved by HMRC, Hedley’s offers convenient customs bonded warehousing facilities for fine art, sculpture and design objects.  This is an integral part of our service whereby we help clients daily with import shipping documentation, clearance and assistance with bringing goods into the country.

Bonded Warehouse


Bonded warehousing allows businesses to import goods and have them stored without paying duty immediately on arrival into the country. This is ideal for art dealers and collectors who wish to store items short or long term before being imported or re-exported or which need to be held in situ for any number of reasons.

Hedley's can also assist with Art Fairs and exhibitions where exhibiting goods under bond is now no longer permitted under the new regulations.  In special circumstances, we can assist galleries, museums, collectors and dealers with temporary admission documentation through our licence.  

Operating from our bases in London, Paris and New York we are one of the few facilities that can also offer full climate control which is important for protecting artworks and delicate objects.

 Hedley's has also put in place best practice and training in handling art and sculpture, so we can also assist with moving art around and installations by our trusted and courteous technicians.


  • Centrally located in London, Paris and New York
  • Climate and temperature controlled rooms
  • 24 hour surveillance
  • State of the art fire and security systems
  • Racking for easy access
  • Fireproof containerised storage
  • Long and short term warehousing
  • Viewing room facility
  • Photographic inventory management system
  • White glove deliveries following storage term


For more information contact: or call 0044 208 965 8733